Special hunting Maintenance

Product designation : S.D.A.C., Special Hunting - Dog Adult Maintenance.


Origin : UE.


Company : S.D.A.C. Pet Food.


Product : Complete food for dogs.



Meat and derivatives of animal origin (min. 20% beef), cereals, vegetable derivatives, oils and fats, vegetables, minerals.


Analytical components :

Crude protein                                      28%

Crude oils and fats                              13%

Crude fiber                                            3%

Crude ash                                            11%

Calcium                                               2.4%

Phosphorus                                         1.6%

Humidity                                               10%


Additives (per kg)


Vitamins, pro-vitamins and chemically defined substances of analogous effect (*International Unit) :

Vitamin A (E672)                                7500 UI*

Vitamin D3 (E671)                             1300 UI*

Vitamin E (alpha-tocopherol)                 60 mg


Oligoelements or compositions of oligoelements :

E1 Iron (mono-hydrate iron sulphate)                                           65 mg

E2 Iodine (anhydride calcium iodate)                                             2 mg

E4 Copper (pentahydrate copper sulphate)                                   9 mg

E5 Manganese (manganese oxide)                                              32 mg

E6 Zinc (zinc sulfate monohydrate; chelates protean                   45 mg

E8 Selenium (sodium selenite)                                                     0.1 mg


Antioxidants CE


Recommended use:

Should be given dry. Approximate daily rations are as follows:  See dosage table. The food portion to be given depends on the level of activity, breed, and environmental conditions. Put the food into a clean container once or twice daily at a set time. Ensure clean, fresh water is available at all times.


Stability and storage:

12 months stored in original package stored away from moisture and excessive heat. Use before the best before date on the package.

Manufactured 12 months before the indicated minimum storage life.


Recommended daily quantities :



        15 Kg                           190 g                             240 g                               370 g

        20 Kg                           260 g                             320 g                               420 g

        30 Kg                           340 g                             415 g                               490 g

        35 Kg                           390 g                             450 g                               530 g

        40 Kg                           440 g                             500 g                               620 g

        45 Kg                           490 g                             570 g                               680 g



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