Special Hunting Energy

Product designation : S.D.A.C. Special Hunting.


Origin : UE.


Company : S.D.A.C. Pet Food.


Product : Complete food for dogs.



Meat and derivatives of animal origin (min. 20% beef), cereals, vegetable derivatives, oils and fats, vegetables, minerals.


Analytical components :

Crude protein                                      31%

Crude oils and fats                              15%

Crude fiber                                             3%

Crude ash                                            11%

Calcium                                               2.4%

Phosphorus                                         1.6%

Humidity                                                10%


Additives (per kg)


Vitamins, pro-vitamins and chemically defined substances of analogous effect (*International Unit) :

Vitamin A (E672)                                                9000 UI*

Vitamin D3 (E671)                                             1300 UI*

Vitamin E (alpha-tocopherol)                                 60 mg


Oligoelements or compositions of oligoelements :

E1 Iron (mono-hydrate iron sulphate)                                        65 mg

E2 Iodine (anhydride calcium iodate)                                          2 mg

E4 Copper (pentahydrate copper sulphate)                                9 mg

E5 Manganese (manganese oxide)                                           32 mg

E6 Zinc (zinc sulfate monohydrate; chelates protean)               45 mg

E8 Selenium (sodium selenite)                                                  0.1 mg


Antioxidants CE


Recommended use:

Should be given dry. Approximate daily rations are as follows:  See dosage table. The food portion to be given depends on the level of activity, breed, and environmental conditions. Put the food into a clean container once or twice daily at a set time. Ensure clean, fresh water is available at all times.


Stability and storage:

12 months stored in original package stored away from moisture and excessive heat. Use before the best before date on the package.






ADULT WEIGHT         EXERCISE 1h / DAY          EXERCISE 2h / DAY          EXERCISE > 4h / DAY

        15 Kg                             190 g                                   240 g                                    370 g

        20 Kg                             260 g                                   320 g                                    420 g

        30 Kg                             340 g                                   415 g                                    490 g

        35 Kg                             390 g                                   450 g                                    530 g

        40 Kg                             440 g                                   500 g                                    620 g

        45 Kg                             490 g                                   570 g                                    680 g


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