Creating new bags or retrieving existing models

Adapt your marketing to target your customers!

Creation* of new bags and / or Remodeling* existing bags
      * According to your criteria (objectives, identity of the company, customer target...),

        the SDAC Pet Food offers you a detailed and argued study of the best packagings.
      * All packaging: oleophobic paper, plastic, aluminum or blister,
      * Color printing on the bag or label, zip or slider freshness ...
      * Multi-languages translation (composition, recipe, slogan ...)

Recovery * of existing bags
      * Study and integration of customer models on manufacturing lines.
      * Continuity of service = Impact customer zero = Identity of packagings conserved.

SDAC Pet Food meets the specific needs of its Distributor Customers by coordinating its network of professionals to make you a "tailor-made" packaging.



* Terms and conditions

Examples of creating (L'ami Félin, Private label...)


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